Adult Cats

Cats enjoy their adult years from their first birthday until the age of eight. Some won’t finish growing until they turn two and others will still have that spunky teen attitude until their third year of life.

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Care Protocols for Adult Cats

Cat Healthy Protocols are a set of guidelines developed by board-certified feline specialist veterinarians. These protocols set a standard of care for cats and are used by veterinarians around the world. We make the protocols available to cat parents to help you understand what happens during your cat’s visits to the clinic.

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Cat Owner Checklist

New cat parent? We have a checklist

Preparing to bring a new addition into your home? Our Cat Owner Checklist will walk you through some steps to take before bringing your furry new family member home


Cats 101

Your cat and the vet: Everything you need to know

Contrary to popular belief, cats aren’t as self-sufficient as people think. Discover why regular clinic visits should be a part of every cat’s life.

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Did you know?

Cats also experience gingivitis and periodontal disease? Your veterinarian will check their teeth and mouth at every examination.