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A visit to the veterinarian can be stressful for cats and their owners. In fact, 58% of cat owners say that their cat hates going to the vet. And, 38% say that simply thinking about going to the vet is stressful.1 Wrestling cats into carriers at home and dealing with dogs in the waiting room can be overwhelming.

Boost Feline Visits

More visits increases the chance that diseases will be caught earlier, ultimately improving the quality and length of your feline patients’ lives. By taking a few simple steps to reduce the stress of veterinary visits, clinics can go a long way to boost the frequency of feline visits. Here are a few ideas to help you get started.

Cat in carrier

Offer loaner carriers with Feliway™ wipes to help owners transport cats safely and with less stress.

Cat only waiting room

Minimize visual contact with dogs by creating a cat-only waiting room or having barriers to separate cats from dogs.

Cat in towel covered carrier on bench

Provide benches or raised counters in the waiting room so that carriers can be placed above floor level.

Tech with cat

Provide staff training in cat-healthy handling techniques, such as using a towel, rather than scruffing to restrain the cat.

Paintings of cats

Communicate your clinic’s dedication to cats by displaying cat art, client photographs of cats and videos designed to start a conversation about preventive heathcare.

Cat under blanket in hospital cage

Provide towels to cover carriers to reduce eye contact between cats and other pets.

To help overcome these obstacles and encourage more cat visits, here are some resources and tools to help reduce travel stress and create a more welcoming, lower stress clinic environment for cats.


Cat Healthy logo

Proudly display the Cat Healthy logo at your clinic to let pet owners know you are serious about cat-healthy care.

12 tips to make your clinic Cat Healthy

Take this simple quiz to help you assess and improve the Cat Healthy-ness of your clinic – from reception to examination to follow up.

Cats only seating area signage

Providing a Cat Healthy seating area and entrances away from dogs is a great start toward improving cat comfort. Download the sign for use in your clinic.


Hanging cat-specific materials not only educates your cat clients, it lets them know they’re an important part of your clinic. Download these posters.

1.Volk JO, Felsted KE, Thomas JG, et al. 2011. Executive summary of the Bayer veterinary care usage study. J Am Vet Med Assoc. 238(10):1275–1282.

Welcome to Cat Parenthood:

As part of our continued efforts to raise the awareness of cat care in Canada, we teamed up with Royal Canin and created a checklist that is currently being used across shelters. The checklist is a great tool for new cat owners to educate themselves on giving their new family member a better and healthier life.

You can download a free copy. Get your checklist.

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