Curious, playful, and oh-so-cute, kittens can be a handful for new and experienced cat parents alike.

Kitten Advice You Can Use Now


Kitten Care: The First Year

Cat Healthy Protocols are a set of guidelines developed by feline specialist veterinarians. These protocols set a standard of care for cats and are used by veterinarians around the world. We make the protocols available to cat parents to help you understand what happens during your cat’s visits to the clinic.

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Cat Owner Checklist

New cat parent? We have a checklist.

Preparing to bring a new kitten into your home? Our new kitten checklist will walk you through some steps to take before bringing your furry new family member home.


Cats 101

When should I take my cat to the vet?

Kittens don’t always make it easy to tell when they aren’t feeling well. We’ve rounded up a list of signs to watch for so you can take your cat to the clinic before problems get too advanced.

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Did you know?

Your kitten should visit the vet two or more times in their first six months of life, where your vet will help you establish a preventative health care plan for your new cat.