Our mission is healthier cats.
Our motivation is love.

Cat Healthy is an initiative designed to help cats get improved preventive healthcare. Cat Healthy provides Canadian veterinary professionals, cat shelters, pet stores, breeders and cat owners with health recommendations, tips, tools and tactics to help cats lead longer and happier lives.

Our emphasis is on preventive healthcare. To lower long-term healthcare costs and promote healthier cats, we encourage cat owners to seek more frequent preventive care from veterinary professionals. We provide ways to improve the veterinary experience for cats and cat owners – ultimately encouraging cat visits and the chance to identify problems before they become serious.

The Cat Healthy Preventive Healthcare Protocols are the centerpiece of our knowledge base. The protocols offer practical recommendations to support a higher standard of care for cats and are intended to be used by veterinary professionals, pet owners and any group that cares for cats.

We encourage veterinary professionals, policymakers, business owners, and pet owners to make use of our resources, or to
support us by becoming a sponsor.

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