Cat Healthy Protocols

02- Travel to the Veterinary Clinic – Not so Cat Friendly!

A critical factor that prevents cats from receiving healthcare is the stress and difficulties people have catching, crating, and travelling with their cats to the veterinary hospital. The first step in healthcare is to educate people about how to make the trip to the clinic more pleasant. The point of first contact is the client’s phone call to the clinic. At this time, the veterinary healthcare team member should ask the client several key questions prior to the veterinary appointment including:

1. Do you have a cat carrier?

2. Do you have difficulty getting your cat into the carrier? Do you feel anxious about the visit?

The carrier can be a comforting place for the cat instead of a stressful place. Here are some ways to accomplish this:


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  • Cat carrier training, parts 1 and 2

Visiting the vet (video): tips for a stress free trip

AAFP/ISFM Feline-Friendly Handling Guidelines:

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Using Feliway to decrease stress from travel and other situations:

Loaner Cat Carriers

It is very useful to make loaner carriers available. These may be new carriers or carriers donated by clients that are in good condition. They can be disinfected and labeled with the clinic’s name and contact information. A soft, clean towel can be put inside for comfort and traction.

Look for these products at your local pet supply store:

  • Petmate Navigator cat carrier
  • ThunderShirt for cats