Senior Cats

Once they reach the age of eight, cats enter their golden years. These wise old souls require a bit of extra TLC, but they’ll reward you with lots of love!

Smart Tools for Sweet Senior Cats


Care Protocols for Senior Cats

Cat Healthy Protocols are a set of guidelines developed by feline specialist veterinarians. These protocols set a standard of care for cats and are used by veterinarians around the world. We make the protocols available to cat parents to help you understand what happens during your cat’s visits to the clinic.

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Cat Owner Checklist

Adopting a senior cat?

Welcoming a senior cat into your home? Our Cat Owner Checklist will help you make sure you have all the information you need to ease their transition into your family.


Cats 101

Make senior trips to the clinic a snap

As your senior cat gets on in years, they may tend to be less cooperative when it comes time for a visit to the clinic. Check out these tips to make the trip easier on everyone.

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Did you know?

Senior cats have less effective immune systems than their younger counterparts? For this reason, their vaccinations should not be allowed to lapse.