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Here you’ll find our preventive healthcare protocols, tools, tips, tricks and more, all designed to make your practice more accessible to cats and cat parents.

Welcoming Cats

Welcoming cats in your practice

A visit to the veterinarian can be stressful for cats and their parents. In fact, 58% of cat parents say that their cat hates going to the clinic. And 38% say that simply thinking about going to the clinic is stressful. Wrestling cats into carriers at home and dealing with dogs in the waiting room can be overwhelming for everyone.

Boost Visits

Reducing stress in the clinic

More visits mean more chances to catch diseases in their earlier stages, resulting in improved quality and length of life for your feline patients. A few simple steps can reduce the stress of veterinary visits, helping to boost frequency. Here are a few ideas to get you started.

Offer loaner carriers

Providing loaner carriers and Feliway™ wipes can help cat parents transport cats safely with less stress.

Minimize contact with dogs

Reduce visual contact with dogs by creating a cat-only waiting room or using barriers to separate cats from dogs.

Provide benches

Benches or raised counters in the waiting room allow carriers to be placed above floor level.

Cat handling training for staff

Provide training in cat-healthy handling techniques, such as using a towel, rather than scruffing to restrain a cat.

Communicate your dedication

Show your clinic’s dedication to cats through the display of cat art, client photos of cats, and videos designed to start a conversation about preventive feline care.

Offer towels to cover carriers

Towels over carriers can reduce eye contact between cats and other pets, a common stressor.

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Other tools to help your clinic

Cat Healthy Logo

Proudly display the Cat Healthy logo at your clinic to let pet parents know you are serious about cat-healthy care.


12 tips to make your clinic Cat Healthy

Take this simple quiz to help you assess and improve the Cat Healthy-ness of your clinic — from reception to examination to follow up.


Cat only seating signage

Providing a Cat Healthy seating area and entrances away from dogs is a great start toward improving cat comfort. Download the sign for use in your clinic.



Hanging cat-specific materials not only educates your cat clients, it lets them know they’re an important part of your clinic.


Did you know?

There are fewer than 100 board-certified feline specialist veterinarians in the world.