Explore Cat Healthy’s Preventive Healthcare Protocols. They enable and support your team in providing preventive healthcare while helping cat parents better understand the need for consistent veterinary care.


Elevating the standard of care

The Cat Healthy Preventive Healthcare Protocols are designed to provide practical recommendations to raise the standard of care for cats across Canada.

These protocols are based on published evidence, as well as the consensus of six board-certified Canadian feline specialists. While these protocols serve as suggested guidelines, practitioners should use their professional judgment based on risk assessment to tailor the preventive care for individual patients.


Printed copies on demand

Need hard copies of the Cat Healthy Preventive Healthcare Protocols to share around your clinic or with your clients? Download this PDF and print at your convenience.

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Did you know?

The owned cat population in Canada is growing at a rate of 3.6% annually, which is higher than the increase of households.